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            2021-10-12 14:30:17 来源:http://www.free3v.com
            Sudden sandstorm at home
            In windy and sandy weather, small cars should pay special attention to the lateral wind generated during the driving of large trucks. The driver can turn the steering wheel slightly to correct the forward direction of the car, and never return the wheel greatly.
            Sudden heavy fog when moving
            When fogging, try to drive at a low speed on the ordinary highway, and then drive on the highway after the thick fog is dispersed. If the dense fog suddenly comes when driving on the expressway, you should immediately drive to the nearest service area or parking lot for shelter, or drive to the shoulder or emergency parking belt to stop, and turn on the vehicle width light, tail light, rear anti fog light and hazard warning light. The key point of driving is to start slowly and avoid sudden acceleration, braking or slamming the steering wheel. When braking, try to use the spot brake instead of stepping on it. It shall also be defogged in time. The defogging block of the air conditioner can be used for rapid defogging or the window can be opened by a seam
            Moving vehicles after snow
            Don't start too hard after snow. Continuous braking shall be performed on flat roads in snow. Take gear on downhill roads (quickly back to low gear), and * * Don't stop on uphill roads in case you can't start. During normal driving, you can drag gear appropriately (low speed and high gear) to increase tire grip. Control the speed, especially when turning or downhill, the speed must be controlled within the range of stopping at any time. When it is necessary to accelerate or decelerate, the accelerator should be slowly stepped down or released. Keep away from the vehicle in front according to the terrain, speed, loading, etc. Try to avoid overtaking. If you have to overtake under special circumstances, you must choose a spacious, flat road section with less ice and snow. When you need to turn, you must * * reduce the speed to the limit in advance, increase the turning radius as much as possible and turn the steering wheel slowly to reduce the centrifugal force during turning. You must not turn quickly and turn back sharply to prevent sideslip and lateral swing.
            Rainy days when moving
            It's common for ordinary people to flash when they see water on rainy days, or step on the brake to slow down immediately. In fact, the water depth of about 15 cm will not have any impact on the car. Just do not increase the throttle to flush water, so as not to cause water to the brake and electrical parts; It is also necessary to control the speed, especially on the expressway, where the road condition is not very good and there is ponding, otherwise the vehicle is easy to float and cause accidents. It should also be noted that the braking system may be temporarily weakened after the vehicle passes the water, and the distance when braking should be longer, so drive * * in rainy days to maintain a longer safe distance.
            Moving encounter thunder day
            When encountering thunder and lightning, don't rush to get off the train to find a place to escape. Because if lightning strikes the car, the current will be transmitted to the ground through the body surface, which can not be felt inside the car, but it is safe. Therefore, when it thunders, all you have to do is close all the windows, and the antenna of the radio must be put away, because the antenna has the function of lightning rod and will absorb lightning.
            When we move, we can't help it, but we can take "more beautiful" measures in "less beautiful" weather.
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