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      2021-07-24 13:57:44 来源:http://www.free3v.com
      Moving is a small matter, but some necessary things should be prepared. Zhangqiu moving company will give you a brief introduction from the following five points:
      1. Bags: large capacity, green and environment-friendly, mainly used to hold clothes, quilts and other items.
      2. Blanket: used to protect furniture, electrical appliances, piano and other valuables during loading. After the valuables such as computers and fax machines are wrapped with blankets, they are put into plastic turnover boxes for handling to prevent bumpy road sections during handling. 
      3. Carton: This is a commonly used auxiliary prop for moving in Quanzhou. In addition to the popularization of materials, it can help our articles for primary protection and classification. Household appliances suitable for cartons: household appliances, clothes, books, fine and broken articles.
      4. Plastic turnover box: This is a good packing tool; That is, you can put household appliances, clothes, books, broken articles and kitchen supplies, and wrap valuables such as computers and fax machines with blankets and put them into plastic turnover boxes for handling; It is convenient and easy. 
      5. Rope: This is the tool needed for moving. It is used for workers to carry articles upstairs and downstairs to pack articles, and it is also used for fixing articles on vehicles.
      For you who want to move, please check whether you are ready for the above points.

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